A Review on Topical Gels as Drug Delivery System

  • P.B. Patil
  • S.K. Datir
  • R.B. Saudagar


The clinical evidence indicates that topical gel is a safe and most effective treatment option for use in the management of skin related disease and used for local action to reduce the side effects associated with other conventional dosage form. Topical drug delivery systems include a large variety of pharmaceutical dosage form like semisolids, liquid preparation, sprays and solid powders. Most widely used semisolid preparation for topical drug delivery includes gels, creams and ointments. A gel is a cross-linked polymer network swollen in a liquid medium. Its properties depend strongly on the interaction between solid state polymer and the liquid component. Gels exhibit no steady-state flow. The interaction between polymer and the liquid dispersion medium form an interlacing three dimensional network of particles of dispersed phase. The increased viscosity caused by interlacing and consequential internal friction is responsible for the semisolid state. Topical gel formulation provides a suitable delivery system for drugs because they are less greasy and can be easily removed from the skin. Gel formulation provides better application property and stability in comparison to cream and ointments.

Keywords: Topical, drug delivery, gels, review, skin. Percutaneous penetration, drug delivery, organogels, Hydrogel.


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