Natural Beauty Enhancer and Cosmetic Role of Ayurveda: A Review

  • Seema G Chawardol Professor & HOD, Department of Panchkarma, Government Ayurved College, Nanded, India
  • Sapan B Jain Professor & HOD, Department of Kayachikitsa, LN Ayurved College, Bhopal , India


Beauty or physical appearance is one of the important aspects of human being life since it’s directly related with self esteem and internal confidence. Beauty is the desire of every individual. The texture and appearance of skin depends upon conditions of Rasa, Rakta and Mamsa Dhatus. The elimination of wastes is another important aspect for the restoration of beauty and appearance. The medical science has put great efforts towards this area and uses of natural materials for cosmetic purpose increases day by day. The concept of using herbs for beautification is well defined in Ayurveda. The Vedic period of Indian civilization has witnessed use of natural cosmetics such as; Aguru, Kajala, Tilaka, Haridra and Chandana for worship and beauty purposes. The Ayurveda also emphasizes importance of beauty and in this regards Ayurveda science mentioned use of various herbs, formulations and therapies for the maintenance of natural beauty. Present article described beauty and cosmetic importance of Ayurveda and other natural approaches.   

Keywords: Ayurveda, Beauty, Cosmetics, Herbs  


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