• disha nailwal UTU
  • Himansu Chopra
  • Alankar Shrivastav
  • Yusra Ahmad


Aim: The aim of the study was to prepare an emulgel formulation of fluconazole using vegetable oil (sesame oil) and compare with liquid paraffin Fluconazole emulgel. Emulgel has emerged as a promising drug delivery system for delivery of hydrophobic drug. Fluconazole is an anti- fungal medication use for a number of fungal infections it belong to a group of medicine called azole antibiotics. The edible oil is used as it has no side effects.

Method: The oil phase of emulsion was prepared by dissolving span 20 in light liquid paraffin and vegetable oil & drug. The aqeous phase is prepared by dissolving tween 80 in purified water. Methyl & Propyl gel phase was prepared by dispersing carbopol 940 in purified water & both phases are mixed with continuous stirring. The pH is adjusted using TEA (tri-ethanol-amine).

Results: The prepared emulgel was also evaluated for their physical properties, pH, drug content, viscosity, spreadability and swelling index. The pH of formulation with liquid paraffin & vegetable oil. The pH of  formulation with liquid paraffin & edible oil pH  in range 5 to 7.0 and the viscosity of both emulgel are almost same in range of 1134-2000 centipoises.  

Conclusion: It was concluded that vegetable oil based emulgel are stable and effective and can be used instead of liquid paraffin based emulgel.

Keywords: Emulgel, Hydrophobic drug, Vegetable oil, Fluconazole, Topical drug delivery.


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