Daily Dietary Nutrition and Nutraceutical Intake in Agricultural Laborers of Hirakud Command Area, Sambalpur, Odisha, India

Nutraceutical uptake in farmer folk of Hirakud area

  • Monalisa Pradhan Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Sambalpur, Chiplima, Odisha
  • Pravabati Guru
  • BISWARANJAN PAITAL Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology


Sambalpur is considered as the rice bowl of Odisha for its cultivation activities due to the presence of hydroelectric power house Hirakud Dam, with total capacity of  5,896,000,000 m3, 55 km long and is one of the first major multipurpose river valley projects started after India's independence. It irrigates about 75,000 km2 (19×106 acres) of land and therefore, is considered as a blessing to the farmer families. As because of cultivation and allied activities, Agricultural Laborers (ALs) constitute a large portion of the active work force. Study on the nutritional intake in this important fraction of population is lacking. Present study was an attempt to know the food consumption pattern and nutritional intakes of ALs in Hirakud command area of Sambalpur district, India. Data were collected from 300 ALs, consisting of 150 from each gender. Daily dietary pattern and nutritional intake of respondent were calculated through 24 hours dietary recall method. It was observed that ALs consume all most all the food varieties available in Odisha. Cereal consumption was 6.80 and 1.77 % excess than the recommend value dietary allowance (RDA) by Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR, in 1990). Except cereals, all other food consumption was below the RDA value in ALs. The intake of other food varieties in ALs was > 60% deficit from the RDA values. Consumption of milk was 97% less in case of male ALs and 98 % less in case of female ALs in comparison to the values suggested in RDA. Similarly, consumption of all nutrients was less than RDA norms except Vitamin -C in case of male ALs. The consumption of Niacin and Vitamin -C was excess in case of female ALs. Alternate low cost food supply is suggested to compensate such insufficient nutritional uptake by ALs in the study area.

Keywords: Food, nutrient intake, nutraceuticals, nutritional status, 24 hours recall method


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