Ethnobotanical and Ethnomedicinal Studies of Salher and Mulher Forest from District Nashik (Maharashtra)

  • M. D. Sonawane P.G. Department of Botany, KRT Arts, BH Commerce & AM Science (KTHM) College, Nashik, Maharashtra, India


Herbs are an integral part of variety of cultures in India and have been used over centuries. The aim of this study is to document the Ethnobotanical plants from Salher and Mulher and its adjoining areas and to collect information regarding various uses of plants. The area is near to famous Dang forest of Gujarat. It is a representative area from Western Ghats of Maharashtra. The forest area comprises a rich biosphere ranging from thick evergreen forest to heavily eroded barren hills. The survey was conducted during the period July 2017 to October 2018. Information was gathered from native tribes of this region namely Bhil, Kokana and Mahadeo koli. These tribes use herbal medicine as a primary mode of health care. A total 33 species belonging to 31 genera and 28 families have been documented in this study. The medicinal plants used by Bhil and Kokana are listed with botanical name, family, local name and their ethnomedical uses. It was observed that the documented ethnomedicinal plants were mostly used to cure skin diseases, stomach disorders, jaundice, poison bites, impotency etc. The tribal people use different modes of administration of drugs like kadhas (decoction), bhasmas (ash), paste, poultice, powder, infusion etc. The knowledge about these practices has been handed over from one generation to other but it now faces the danger of getting lost with passing years. So, it is necessary to identify and document these species for their conservation and sustainable utilization. These studies will also provide new material for workers in the field of Phytochemistry and Pharmacology.

Key words:  Ethnobotanical, Herbal drug, Salher and Mulher


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