Qualitative analysis of pollen grains through honey samples collected from the different villages of Rahuri tehsil

  • Sumia Fatima Pesticide and Plant Protection Research Laboratory, Dr. Rafiq Zakaria College for Women, Aurangabad- 431001, Maharashtra, India.
  • P.D. Lokare Department of Botany Arts, Science and Commerce College, Rahuri- 413705, Maharashtra, India.


Honey is one the oldest food of mankind and there have been references to it. Today honey is regarded as an important food and nutrient throughout the world.  Honey bees utilize certain natural raw materials that are identifiable in honey.  These raw materials are pollen and nectar from flowers of various plants major source of protein for bees.  Identification of pollen found in honey shows to give clear idea honey bees visit to particular plant to the nectar regarding and content into honey.  This study carried out to determine different types of pollen observed in honey sample by pollen analysis method with the help of Compound Microscope.  The samples were collected from different villages of Rahuri tehsil during months of October to January.

Keywords- Pollen grains, honey, pollen analysis, Rahuri tehsil


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