• Lalji Vajubhai Amipara
  • M M Gupta Department of Pharmaceutics, Jaipur College of Pharmacy, Jaipur (Rajasthan) India


Hypertension is very dangerous problem; it may occur any time to elder patients, so drugs are available for all the times and administered by patients are very easy mode. Normally all drugs are administered by oral route with water or some other liquid vehicles. At the time of emergency (for hypertension patients) water may get or not. So, to overcome these problems, tablets are to be developed and administered with out need of water. The purpose of this research was to develop oral disintegrating tablets (ODT) of low bitter hypertensive drugs like Drugx using taste enhancers as a taste masking agents. ODT of Drugx were prepared using different superdisintegrants by direct compression method.  Mannitol was used as a diluent. Aspartame and Acesulfame Potassium were used for unpleasant taste masked from the Drugx by cosifting and serial of blending with other excipients.  The mixed final blend was then compressed into tablets. The formulations were evaluated for weight variation, hardness, friability, wetting time, disintegrating time, dissolution, taste evaluation study and in vitro dissolution. All the formulation showed low weight variation with different disintegration time and rapid in vitro dissolution. The results revealed that the tablets containing taste enhancers had a good palatability for the patients. The optimized formulation showed good taste masking, less disintegration time (<30seconds) and release profile with maximum drug being released at all time intervals. The present study demonstrated potentials for rapid disintegration in oral cavity with out water, improved taste masking and patient compliance.


Oral Disintigrating Tablet(ODTs), Superdisintegrants, taste masking, patented technology


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Lalji Vajubhai Amipara
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