Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

  • G.V.K.S. Abhinav
  • S Naga Subrahmanyam


Artificial intelligence is to reduce human cognitive functions. It is bringing an approach to healthcare, powdered by increasing the availability of healthcare data and rapid progress of analyst techniques. We can survey the current status of Artificial intelligence applications in healthcare and discuss its future uses. It is the most transformative technology of the 21th century. Healthcare has been identified as an early candidate to be revolutized by artificial intelligence technologies. This article aims for providing an early stage contribution with the decision making capacities of artificial intelligence technologies. The possible ethical and legally complex backdrop of the existing framework. I will conclude the present structures are largely fit to deal with the challenge of artificial intelligence are present will discuss clearly about the artificial intelligence contribution to the present health care. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning can assist with proactive patient care, reduced future risk and streamlined work processes.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, clinical decision support.


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Author Biographies

G.V.K.S. Abhinav

II/VI Doctor of Pharmacy, Korangi College of Pharmacy, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India.

S Naga Subrahmanyam

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practise, Koringa College of Pharmacy, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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