Osmotic Drug Delivery System: A Review

  • B.S. Venkateswarlu
  • C. Pasupathi
  • A. Pasupathi
  • B. Jaykar
  • R. Margret Chandira
  • P. Palanisamy


Osmotic drug delivery uses the osmotic pressure level for controlled delivery of drugs by using osmogens. Osmotic systems for controlled drug-delivery applications are well established, both in human pharmaceuticals and in veterinary medicine. The process of osmosis that can control the drug delivery system. Osmotic pressure created from external environment into the dosage form regulates the delivery of drug from osmotic device. Osmotic pumps are promising systems for controlled drug delivery. The systems are used for oral administration and implantation. Osmotic pumps consist of an inner core containing drug and coated with a semi permeable membrane.

Keywords: Osmosis, Osmotic drug delivery system, Osmotic pump.


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Venkateswarlu B, Pasupathi C, Pasupathi A, Jaykar B, Chandira RM, Palanisamy P. Osmotic Drug Delivery System: A Review. JDDT [Internet]. 30Sep.2019 [cited 7Dec.2021];9(4):759-64. Available from: http://www.jddtonline.info/index.php/jddt/article/view/3603

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