Berbris aristata DC: Pharmacognostical Standardization and Phytochemical Studies of its Leaves

  • V Karthikeyan
  • BR Balakrishnan
  • P Senniappan
  • L Janarthanan
  • BS Venkateswarlu
  • G Anandharaj


Berberis aristata DC. (Fam: Berberidaceae) commonly known as Daruharidra, Indian Barberry or tree turmeric. Leaves of this plant are traditionally used in the treatment of inflammation, wound healing, skin disease, menorrhagia, diarrhea, jaundice and infection of eyes etc. Micromorphology and physicochemical analysis of the leaves of B.aristata were performed as per WHO and Pharmacopoeial methods. Leaves (4.9cm × 1.8cm) are deep green on dorsal and light green on ventral side. Leaves are in tufts of 5 to 8, phyllotaxy verticillate, simple spiny, lanceolate, toothed, leathery, sessile, acuminate apex and reticulate pinnate venation. Microscopic evaluation of leaves showed biconvex midrib and thick lamina. The epidermal layers of the midrib are thick with small, less conspicuous cells and thick cuticle. The vascular system consists of three large vascular bundles; the median one is small than the two lateral bundles; the bundles are collateral and wedge shaped.  Lamina is made of epidermal layer on the adaxial side with spindle shaped thick walled cells and papillate cuticle. The abaxial epidermis has squarish or rectangular epidermal cells with prominent spiny cuticular outgrowths. Powder microscopy showed the presence of cuticular papillae, anomocytic stomata and spiny outgrowth. Preliminary phytochemical screening of appropriate solvent extracts showed the presence of alkaloids, sterols, tannins, proteins and amino acids, flavonoids, terpenoids, saponin, carbohydrates and absence of glycosides and volatile and fixed oil. Microscopic analysis and other parameters were informative and provide valuable information in the identification, standardization of B.aristata leaves.

Keywords: Berberis aristata, Berberidaceae, leaf, Microscopical evaluation.


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Karthikeyan V, Balakrishnan B, Senniappan P, Janarthanan L, Venkateswarlu B, Anandharaj G. Berbris aristata DC: Pharmacognostical Standardization and Phytochemical Studies of its Leaves. JDDT [Internet]. 30Aug.2019 [cited 26Oct.2020];9(4-A):229-36. Available from: