Effect of Cross Linking on Evaluation of Chitosan Coated Pellets of Glipizide

  • Nihar Ranjan Kar Mr
  • Kanhu Charan Pati


The objective of the current work is to develop and evaluate the effect of cross linking on drug release of chitosan pellets of Glipizide. Hence the present work was aimed to formulate glipizide pellets with a view to achieve and to maintain the plasma concentration for considerable period by controlling the release so to decrease the occurrence of doses and also to recover the patient fulfillment. Here the pellets of glipizide are designed by Pan Coating technique with solution layering with and without cross linking by Gluteraldehyde effectively. Then the optimized formulations are aimed to study the effects of polymer and cross linking on different evaluation parameters including the drug release study. Finally the conclusion was to arrive at better formulation based on comparison amongst the studied ones.


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Kanhu Charan Pati

Gayatri Institute of Science and Technology, Gunupur, Dist-Rayagada, Odisha, India

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