Microballoons: A Gastro Retentive Drug Delivery System

  • Ankita Srivastava
  • Ruchi Shukla
  • Kusum Sharma
  • Hitesh Jain
  • D. B. Meshram


Oral route is most preferable and widely used route for the administration of drug. Microballoons becomes novel technology in pharmaceutical field in the floating drug delivery for achieving the gastric retention. Microballoons are also called as hollowspheres which are porous smooth in nature and thus show good floating properties in gastric fluid. Microballoons release the drug in controlled manner at the targeted site. Microballoons are spherical empty vesicles without core and that can remain buoyant in gastric region for prolong period of time without irritation in gastrointestinal tract. Multiparticulate particles having a low density system that can efficiently prolong the gastric retention time of the drugs, thus enhanced bioavailability and thus improve the dosing frequency. These are less soluble at higher pH environment. As microballoons delivery systems provide longer retention in gastric pH and enhance the solubility of drugs that are less soluble in high pH environment. The formation of cavity inside the microballoons depend on the preparation, temperature and the surface smoothness determine the floatability and the release rate of microballoons.

Keywords: Microballoons, Gastro retentive drug delivery system, Hollowspheres, Controlled release


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