Cytoprotection Alternatives for Cancer Treatment: In-vitro Evaluation of Alpinia Zerumbet as a Radioprotective Agent

  • Ritwiz Bhardwaj Shukla
  • N Ganesh
  • M.L. Kori


Cancer radiotherapy and modern synthetic medicine are critical for the treatment of cancer patients, but on the other hand they may have tremendous harmful side effect from the point of view of a weakened immune system. The focus of current research efforts in the industry and academia is not only to find affordable treatment methodologies but also to discover sources that mitigates or prevents the negative impact of these treatments on the patient’s immune system. This review will provide details of optimal methodology involving Invitro application of techniques such as phytochemical analysis, thin layer chromatography, cytogenetic analysis that were adopted to assess the efficacy of Alpinia Zerumbet extracts as a radioprotector. These methodologies provide a holistic evaluation technique for assessing any potential cytoprotective agent, especially if it’s from the herbal domain. As a case study, analytical and inferential results summary of the research conducted to assess radioprotective property of Alpinia Zerumbet, a herbal and readily available derivative, will be presented. The key findings from the research indicate that the Alpinia Zerumbet extract has potential to be an effective radioprotector, with minimal side effects as compared to synthetic chemical cytoprotective agents.

Keywords: Radioprotection; cancer; herbal; Alpinia Zerumbet


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Author Biographies

Ritwiz Bhardwaj Shukla

Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital and Research Center, Bhopal, India

N Ganesh

Department of Pharmacy RKDF University, Bhopal India

M.L. Kori

Department of Pharmacy RKDF University, Bhopal India


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