Formulation and Evaluation of Floating and Mucoadhesive Tablets Containing Rosiglitazone

  • Jagdish K Arun
  • Dharmajit Pattanayak
  • Ramesh Adepu
  • C.M Hossain
  • B. Shrivastava
  • Ramya Sri Sura


In this present study, floating mucoadhesive tablets of Rosiglitazone were formulated to improve the gastric retention time and overall bioavailability. Different mucoadhesive polymers like HPMC K200 M, Na CMC, Carbopol 974P, Karaya gum, Chitosan and Xanthan gum were selected to formulate the tablets. Various formulations were prepared by using these polymers in different concentration. The pre-compression blend of Rosiglitazone mucoadhesive tablets were characterized with respect to angle of repose, bulk density, tapped density, carr’s index and hausner’s ratio and all the results indicated that the blend was having good flow property and hence better compression properties. The swelling studies were performed for the formulations and the results depicted that all the formulations have a good swelling index. The drug release studies depicted that the formulations release the drug in first order. So based on the results, formulation RF13 was found to be an optimized formulation.

Keywords: Mucoadhesive tablets, Rosiglitazone, Bioadhesive polymers.


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