Traditional Remedies for Wound Healing: A Review

  • Shakila Shabbeer SHAIKH PG student ,Department of Pharmacology, RDCOP,Bhor,Pune.
  • Manisha D. Ukande
  • Krishna Murthy
  • Rajkumar V Shete
  • R.S. Solunke


Wounds are a natural part of everyday life that can be successfully treated with the knowledge of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the study of science that is based on herbal remedies. A wound must progress through vrana shodhana (wound purification) and vrana roopana (wound healing) and pass through the four stages of wound healing; dushta vrana (septic wound), shudh vrana (clean wound), roohyamana vrana (healing wound), and roodha vrana (healed wound). Through this, Ayurveda has revealed knowledge for treating conditions that can’t be treating by the modern medicine. Ghee-based herbal formulations claimed to promote wound healing in traditional practices. This article aims to provide probable scientific explanations for using medicated ghrita (ghee) as wound healing formulation in Ayurvedic system of medicine and its clinical importance.

Keywords: Ayurveda, Wound, Ghrita, Wound healing.


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Author Biographies

Manisha D. Ukande

Rajgad Dnyapeeth’s College of Pharmacy, Bhor Pune, (M.S) India, Pin-412206

Krishna Murthy

Rajgad Dnyapeeth’s College of Pharmacy, Bhor Pune, (M.S) India, Pin-412206

Rajkumar V Shete

Rajgad Dnyapeeth’s College of Pharmacy, Bhor Pune, (M.S) India, Pin-412206

R.S. Solunke

Rajgad Dnyapeeth’s College of Pharmacy, Bhor-Pune, (M.S) India, Pin-412206


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