Application of Silica Supported Aluminium Hydroxide as a Low Cost Green Catalyst for the One Pot MCR Sythesis via Thermal Method

  • Jayaveersinh Mahida
  • Ravi B. Patel


The catalysis is the first and active side they are good yield with good reusability. The sequence of time. They are the time of reaction is smaller, it saves the energy and time consummation, another thing is the good catalyst is intelligent for the dynamic yield but are focused on the design the catalyst they have good effectiveness as well as good reusability with green chemistry concept. In today times much, research is being carried out on Nano particles green catalysis we have eco-friendly make an endeavoured for designing new catalyst from waste aluminium foil to new catalyst. So our catalyst is designed from waste aluminium foil and transformed into good and reusability catalyst. They are continuing produced the same yield up to 7-8 reaction cycle.

Keywords: ketone, Aromatic aldehydes & ammonium hydroxide hydrochloride, green path with help of silica supported catalyst.


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Author Biographies

Jayaveersinh Mahida

Shree P.M. Patel institute of P.G. Studies & Research in science, Anand, Gujarat, India

Ravi B. Patel

Shree P.M. Patel institute of P.G. Studies & Research in science, Anand, Gujarat, India


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