Formulation and In-Vitro Evaluation of Metformin Hydrochloride Sustained Release Tablets

  • Chinna Eswaraiah Maram Anurag Pharmacy College
  • Jaya Sollu Anurag Pharmacy College


The objective of the present study was to study the effect of hydrophilic polymers on sustained release of metformin hydrochloride from tablets. Compatibility was studied by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. The tablets were prepared by direct compression technique using Xanthan gum alone and in combination with HPMC as release retardant. Di calcium phosphate was used as diluent. The prepared matrix tablets were evaluated for their physicochemical parameters such as weight variation, hardness, friability, content uniformity and in-vitro dissolution. Pre and post compression parameters were evaluated and all the parameters were found within the limit. The drug release data were subjected to different models in order to evaluate release kinetics and mechanism of drug release. Formulation F5 was selected as best formulation. The dissolution of formulation F5 can be described by first order kinetics with fickian diffusion as the release mechanism.

Keywords: Matrix tablets, Metformin hydrochloride, Xanthan gum, HPMCK4M and HPMCK15M.


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