Design, Formulation and evaluation of sustained release tablet of divelproex sodium

  • , Kusum
  • Avinash Kumar Gupta
  • Manish Kumar Gupta
  • Vijay Sharma


In the present work, formulation and evaluation of Sustained tablet of Divalproex sodium was carried out. In the project, different formulations of sustained release layer have been prepared. From above formulations best formulation of each sustained release was selected according to the dissolution profile. Divalproex sodium is soluble in 0.1 N NaOH, phosphate buffer pH 6.8, chloroform, methanol, ethanol (95%), and sparingly soluble in water. The absorbance maximum of the Divalproex sodium was found to be at 210 nm when scanned in between 200-400 nm using methanol as well as phosphate buffer pH 6.8 solutions. All the characteristic peaks of Divalproex sodium were present in the spectrum of drug and excipient mixture, indicating compatibility between drug and excipients. In the present work SR tablets of Divalproex sodium were prepared by wet granulation method, using polymer like HPMC K4M for sustained release. Best formulations of was selected forĀ  Divalproex sodium were subjected to hardness, weight variation, friability, drug content uniformity, in vitro drug release and drug polymer interaction.

Keywords: Divalproex sodium, Sustained Release, HPMC and Epilepsy.


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