Biosensors: An Emerging Technology in Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Shraddha T. Nemane
  • Sachin B. Gholve
  • Omprakash G. Bhusnure
  • Shrikrishna T. Mule
  • Priyanka V. Ingle


The evolution of biosensors has been the center of scientist's attraction for recent decades. It is a device which is used mainly for living organism or different biological molecules, enzymes or antibodies, to find out the presence of chemicals. Biosensors can basically serve as low-cost and highly efficient devices in addition to use in other day to day applications. Biosensor is a device that consists of two main parts: A bio-receptor and a transducer were as, Bio-receptor is a biological component that recognizes the target analytes and transducer is a physicochemical detector component that converts the recognition event into a measurable signal and quantify or it transforms one signal into another one, this works in a physiochemical way like Optical piezoelectric, electrochemical etc. Biomolecules like antibodies, enzymes, organelles, receptors and microorganisms as well as animal and plant cells or tissues have been used as biological sensing elements. In this paper, we review recent development and use of biosensors as a diagnostic tool, as well as some future applications of biosensor technology.

Keywords: Biosensors, Microbial biosensor, Transducer, Pathogen detection.


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Nemane ST, Gholve SB, Bhusnure OG, Mule ST, Ingle PV. Biosensors: An Emerging Technology in Pharmaceutical Industry. JDDT [Internet]. 15Jul.2019 [cited 27Nov.2021];9(4):643-7. Available from:

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