Quality by Thought (QbT) Approaches for Management of Human Health

  • O.G. Bhusnure
  • B.K. Sugave
  • P.S. Giram
  • S.B. Gholve


Quality by Thought is a unique innovative approach for the management of human Health. The thoughts that run though the mind can be positive or negative, progressive or retrogressive this depends on the kind of information previously stored, and the new ones being added to it. While we may not have total control over every thought that flashes through our mind, each person has the choice to either think more about a particular thought or pay little or no attention to such. Our thought process is responsible for many causes related to health, it also decides our next generations strengths and weakness. Core objective of this research was to find out scientific base and understand our belief system at quantum level and to develop scientific strategies, tools, models, techniques and right approaches to eradicate belief at root level which does not stand scientifically, because it leads many chronic diseases (as per the research data disclosed from epigenetic reference). We have developed and implemented quality by thought approach (As QbD approach) for the establishment of scientific truth related human health. In that, similar to QbD approaches here we have developed first time quality targeted health profile, Critical quality health attributes, design space and control space to maintain quality of health.  Which suggest that dietary intakes and designed life styles by positive mind was responsible for enhancing immunity of body to fight for challenging diseases.

We have created various models such as 3*7 son model, ombhu black body model, uniq ishikwa diagram, flow chart for prevention of diseases rather than cure the diseases. Prevention always from inside out i.e psychological to physical and curative is from physical to psychological approach. For happy ideal health our thought process plays important role, only quality thought can change habits like diet, exercise, sleep, happy idea (DESHI) and habits improve our health, Hence QbT plays important role in management of health.


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