Antioxidant Properties of Papayasayanam Extract of Carica papaya Stem Straw

  • M. Sivasankari
  • A. Poongothai
  • M. Sudha
  • P. Saranraj
  • K. Amala


Medicinal plants used in the traditional medicine are well-known significant sources of natural antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds which inhibit the oxidation and in general prolong the life of the oxidizable matter. Majority of the diseases are predominantly linked to oxidative stress due to free radicals. The free radicals are species with very short half-life, high reactivity and damaging activity towards macromolecules like proteins, DNA and lipids. The present study was aimed to evaluate the antioxidant properties of Papayasayanam extract of Carica papaya stem straw. The results of the present research has showed that the Papayasayanam extract of Carica papaya stem straw has highest hydrogen peroxide scavenging activity and reducing power activity when compared to control Ascorbic acid. So, these results indicated that the Papayasayanam extract of Carica papaya stem straw exhibited free radical scavenging activity against hydrogen peroxide and reducing power. Therefore, the papayasayanam extract of Carica papaya stem straw could be a potential source of natural remediates that would have great importance as therapeutic agents.

Keywords: Medicinal plants, Carica papaya, Therapeutic agents and Natural remediates.


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